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  1. One other issue with the post-by-email is the inability to push content. This is a vital tool – and one main reason i choose SquareSpace. So while a post goes up, we still have to go in and manually push content. As some of our content is time-sensitive, pushing is a key element. I guess I just have to trust the contributors for now and keep my fingers crossed they don't cause accidents!
  2. Thanks lisao! I have used that feature While that feature works well with straight text and an image or two, it does not allow videos, formatting (bold, italic), and other features that actually we have much need for in our posts (especially the video inclusions, as we have many). So unfortunately the email system creates more back-end work than it simplifies. I appreciate you mentioning this though. I am hoping SquareSpace finds a solution soon!
  3. Thanks for this. It seems a little strange that they would have such robust blogging tools yet such a limited range of usability. Well, one can keep hoping. In the meantime I am going to have the various contributors make their submissions via email. (I have nine people contributing to one project blog.) While it is a shabby stand-in for true user privileges, this email method will at least prevents contributors from inadvertently running amok in other design areas of the site.
  4. I want to have multiple blog contributors, but there doesn't seem to be a permission that will allow this. Is there any way to either (a) lock the other non-blog pages from contributor access, or (b) specify which pages/blogs a contributor can access and add to?
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