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  1. Problem solved eventually, editing in safe mode made the trick - in case anyone's interested 😉 Though if you know of a css code to remove the footer from one portfolio page only (and not from all the pages of my portfolio), I'm all ears! Many thanks
  2. Hello, I tried to hide my footer on one page, but I made the mistake of adding the following code into a code block in my footer (I now deeply regret it): .header, #footer-sections { display:none !important; } I thought great! It's working, until I realised the change applied to all of my website pages and not on that single page only. So now I've been trying to get my footer back, but the whole footer being disabled thanks to that code block, I can't do anything. It's not being visible anywhere which means that I can't access the code block and delete it. I went into the inspect Elements of Chrome, I found the footer sections and changed "none !important" to "block !important". It seems to work when I edit the code, the footer is visible again, only I cannot edit anything nor can I save anything in the inspect Elements. Meaning back to square one with a hidden footer on each and every one of my pages. Could you please help? Is there any way for me to retrieve the footer so that I can delete that code block once and for all? I'd rather have a footer on every page than none at all. Many thanks
  3. Yes, the red banner which is actually the background of my picture. I found how to extend it using the following code block : <style> @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { article section:first-child { height: 92vh !important; min-height: unset !important; margin-top: 0vh; } } </style> Though I was wondering if there was a CSS code that would simply extend the image background in full so that it'd fit the entire screen on mobile view? The code block works fine when it comes to extending the picture's height, though it messes with the position of my other text/code blocks (I'd want them to appear lower on the picture - on mobile view - but they remain where they currently are now). Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated
  4. Sorry for the delay, I solved the footer issue though the background picture on the home page (first picture) has been resized on mobile view. https://atoaadigital.com I'd like it to take up the entire screen when accessing the website on mobile, though it's way smaller than what it should be I guess (see screenshot). What would be the right way to fix this? Many thanks
  5. Hi @tuanphan I added your code which was great, it fixed my margin issues on deskop view. Though on mobile view I'm still having a reccurent issue coming back and forth, see the extra margin underneath the footer on this screenshot. Could you please help? Thanks
  6. Problem solved, I just tried the following code and it fixed the issue: html, body { overflow-x: hidden; }
  7. How odd, the extra margin at the bottom underneath the footer is now gone, good news. Altough I don't want to delete that picture, even when I tried to delete it (or hide it), the extra margin on the right hand side remains. Is there any other workaround ?
  8. Hello, I'm encountering several issues related to the margins accross my website. There's extra margin at the bottom of my home page in mobile view for instance, and there's an extra margin on the right hand side and bottom of my home page on the desktop view. The same issue appears accross several of my pages. Is there any way to fix this ? While I'm here, I may also ask 😉 On the homepage picture, when I write something such as that "Hello" (size: paragraph 2, 1.2 rem) it appears pretty big on mobile view. The size doesn't seem to readjust and scale down when in mobile view which makes the presentation odd. Is there any way to fix this as well? Many thanks
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