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  1. Can you se with this url: https://magenta-greyhound-xs45.squarespace.com/the-collection/style-02-5lb7a
  2. It is not live yet... Maybe this works: https://magenta-greyhound-xs45.squarespace.com/the-collection/style-02-5lb7a
  3. Hi, i am making a website with webshop, but without the cart and quantity buttons because the porducts only can be bought on request. But i want one of the products to be a 'from' price. The only way i could figure that out was to add an option (i added materials') and the two different prices. But when i do this, a button with the materials show up. I want to remove that button, but i don't know what its called, so I can not do mu code injection. Anyone that have knowledge with the button name of the option buttons?
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