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  1. I cannot seem to replicate it using Chrome but it shows using Safari... hmmm
  2. It appears like that on Safari and Chrome, when stretched to the full width of the screen... hmmm.
  3. Site URL: http://www.ec-dp.com There is strange footer padding under the footer on this pace I cannot remove. The footer also isn't snapping to the size of the window either. I have tried multiple lines of code to remove it though it un-inspectable and doesn't have a block-yui either... Would greatly appreciate any assistance! Thank you.
  4. INCREDIBLE! Worked like a charm. Thank you SO very much, greatly appreciated.
  5. The site is www.ec-dp.com and it's just on the home page there.
  6. This worked a treat, however I have a faint grey overlay after applying the code? Would greatly appreciate any assistance for this! Thank you!
  7. Hello there! I have a custom font I use for h1 but when I hyperlink it, it changes to another font. I would greatly appreciate code that can keep the h1 font the same even when hyperlinking. Thanks!
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