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  1. Site URL: https://jayclulow.photography/landscape-bw Hey, I'm looking for a way to increase the grid size beyond the maximum Squarespace allows you to set. If you look at this page; https://jayclulow.photography/landscape-bw I'm finding that the landscape orientation images are looking lost and too tightly crammed in.
  2. Hey, Don't suppose you can look into my issue with tablet too could you? Thanks,
  3. Still doing it unfortantley. Using an iPad Pro its displaying incorrectly.
  4. Tuanphan, Thats awesome thank you. Just one minor glitch it displays incorrectly when resized to roughly tablet size? Thanks,
  5. Site URL: http://www.jayclulow.photography Hi, I've been using the following custom CSS with the Flatiron template to give a wider frame view of my images on desktop .gallery-item{ width:100vw !important; height:100%; position: fixed; left: -300px; /*Change the 300px depending on your template*/ } However because on mobile that left section stacks how can I stop this rule from being applied on mobile? Thanks,
  6. Site URL: https://www.jayclulow.photography/ Hello, I'm nearly complete with my website but I've ran into a number of snags I can't figure out. If you load the homepage you'll see Im using custom CSS to display a full screen gallery that almost works perfectly. What I would like is to introduce a footer element that starts immediately where the image stops so it doesn't look like the page looks half finished. Also I want to have these full screen experiences on the subsequent pages listed under portfolio. In order to get them to look like I have on the homepage they are blank pages with a gallery loaded to them. I've tried to duplicate that page and change the gallery for each but for some reason they don't work the same as they do for the homepage. Please help,
  7. https://jayclulow.photography/gallery-block-2
  8. https://jayclulow.photography/gallery-block-2
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a quick couple of tweaks to my site (www.jayclulow.co.uk) on the page Gallery Block 2 I'm using a Gal block but I'd like it to span the available width of the window. The site width maximum seems to be 1800px and I'd like to overwrite this if possible. Also I'd like a tweak when using a page set as a gallery that the image is cropped to maximise height. So to avoid this happening in small browsers where the image impact is lost Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hello, I'm trying to sort my website out where no images titles and descriptions are showing by using the following Custom CSS; .image-title { visibility: Hidden;} .image-desc { visibility: hidden;} .image-title-mobile { visibility: hidden;} .image-desc-mobile { visibility: hidden;} However when the site is in mobile view and the thumbnails for the gallery is active there is huge white spaces where the titles and descriptions are. I would like this removing so the images flow into each other with the smallest of gaps. However I do also need these titles and descriptions read for SEO so whatever solution allows this would be great. www.jayclulow.photography Any advice greatly appreciated.
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