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  1. Site URL: https://grape-sheep-82lc.squarespace.com/ Hi! Is it possible to change the color of the site header to white color with some custom code?? I see that I just can change the typography color 😞 Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Thanks a lot for all your help! @paul2009 😊😊
  3. @paul2009I sent you the password by message 😊 Is it very difficult to increase the width of my site? I mean to expand the margins it the whole site? Let me know if u need something for me. Thanks a lot for your help in advance 🙏 Regards
  4. Hi! @paul2009 thanks a lot for your answer 😀 Mi site is not live, this is the url: https://grape-sheep-82lc.squarespace.com/ I created a password for my site as you told me. Shall I write it here publicly, or in private with you? My main doubt with my site is that I need to expand the width of my site. I have so much white space in the left and right margins. And my client its not happy at all with this. 😞 I attach an image. Let me know @paul2009 if I can share publicly here with u the password 😊 Thanks a lot in advance for your help :) Regards
  5. My site is not online yet, is it another way you can see my site? Thanks a lot! Sorry im new here so I dont know how to share my site
  6. Hi all !! I want to write: "ASESORIA DE ARTE ONLINE" in just one line, with the same text style. Not divided in 2 lines as it is now. I tried to explain in my horrible drawing 🙂Could someone help me with the custom coding or giving me a solution, please, please? Thanks a lot!!
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