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  1. I see what you are saying. That pointed me towards another tactic, which seems to be working. I deleted all the Advanced HTML to remove the duplicate button. Then I targeted the original button block with Custom CSS, which moved it right into the same floating position that the deleted button was in. Now I just need to find a way to keep the floater between the banner and footer. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for replying, Paul. The temp page that I have up for testing is https://www.ww2matchmaker.com/test-request-to-buy. The fixed button and the floating button both work as intended. But, if I delete the fixed button, the floating ones stops working also. I guess this make sense as the fixed object is the code that is being used for the floating object. Maybe there is a better way to accomplish my objective(float with lightbox pop) but I'm not seeing it. Thanks!
  3. I'm pretty new to Squarespace but I've been picking apart code for quite some time. I'm trying to put a floating button on a single page that will pop a lightbox form. I actually have it completely working using a collection tag with CSS and Advanced HTML. I was able to get it working exactly the way that I want by creating a button elsewhere in the page and then copying the code and adding it to the floating button. However, I end up with the original button AND the floating button on the page. The problem is that if I delete the original button then the floating form stops working. I feel like the solution would be to try and completely hide the original form or somehow change the original button to be the floating one. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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