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  1. Site URL: https://arsene.studio/en/home-1 Hi, If I put a first section that do not have a background image/video, the header stays above. Ho can I force it to be on top of the first section? Thank you ! Leo
  2. Site URL: http://arsene.studio Hello, I show my services with videos. I want that when people clic on one of them, the browser moves to the related service page. There is no option in the video block to add a URL so it had to be done with a code. Any help would be great. Thanks, Leo
  3. Site URL: https://arsene.studio Hi, When I put my services with blocks of video + title and switch the order on each line for better look. For ex: Video - Service Title 1 Service Title 2 - Video Video - Service Title 3 The mobile site always takes the left first so I end up with the title after the video 1/2 of the time. Is there a way to tell the mobile version to take the right side of the block first on these blocks ? Thanks, Leo
  4. It worked perfectly. THANK YOU ! 🙏
  5. Sorry, here is the site: https://arsene.studio/contact
  6. Hello, do you know how to make the google map full width without padding below it ? Thanks, Leo
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