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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I eventually gave up n this as the project timeline didn't allow me to keep spending time trying to make it work. I confess I am astonished by how unusable 7.1 feels.... It's crazy to me that they removed the ability to duplicate a content block within a page, it makes styling of things much more labour intensive. And generally it's really hard to design and build a custom layout that clients can actually manage.... so depressing
  2. Same issue. It's really poor UX. Did you find a solution? Or does anybody know how to implement this pls?
  3. LINK: https://kazoo-bat-bap7.squarespace.com/people PASSWORD: 1234 ///////////////////////////////////// Hello, I am losing my mind trying to create a split layout header design like this: My strategy was to create a section with a text block and an image block side by side, then to target the specific section and make the content full-bleed through custom CSS removing the padding. The problem is that the div to which the padding is associated has a "yui" id which changes at every page reload, so I do not know which selector to use to make this all happen.
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