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  1. Site URL: https://www.thefriendsofACE.org Hi, Is there a way to customize the pop-up message that displays when the stock of a service is at 0? Currently, it shows the attached image but I'd like it to read "THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT - To add your name to the wait list, please email info@thefriendsoface.org" Is that possible? An example is when you click "add to cart" on this page: https://www.thefriendsoface.org/master-calendar/art-exploration-for-kids-wednesdays-85rel-xwezr-myggg-2hxaz-kj7gy
  2. I completely agree - I NEED customizable item-specific shipping rates. I'm scouring this forum and online message boards to see if anyone has found a work-around for this!
  3. Hi I'm in the same situation and wondering what solution you found for this? We're a brick and mortar jewelry store and utilize WinJewel as our in-store POS. We're wanting to make the switch to Square/SquareSpace for in-store and online. Are there any resources to help us with this transition/integration?
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