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  1. My client already paid for the full year of Squarespace. Would we be able to get a refund? I wonder why it's not possible for Squarespace to include Authorize.net as a payment processor. It's really too bad, I've been professing how great Squarespace is for years. Last question: Would I have to recreate the whole website on a different platform that uses Authorize.Net as a payment processor or is there any workarounds?
  2. Site URL: https://www.anjosimports.com/ Hello, PayPal and Stripe are simply not an option for my client - they don't suffice and offer what their current payment processor does. Authorize.Net is what they've been using for YEARS. We contacted Authorize.Net asking them how to connect the new squarespace site. He gave us all the information and keys and URL mapping details necessary on their end.. but squarespace has been less than helpful in getting us the rest of the way. Can anyone walk me through adding the Authorize.Net details into their new site? If I can't do this for them - we lose their business and all the work I've done will go to waste. The URL is www.anjosimports.com Thank you!
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