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  1. Thanks for the offer but I have confidential information on their with associated confidentiality clauses which is why I really need to deactivate the pinterest pinning. Its going to be a password protected site. So for these factors its making it very tricky unfortunately... Have you heard of this issue previously regarding theses settings. I'm wondering if this template is just a dud.. 😞
  2. Hi I just completed my portfolio using the avenue template. I have turned off Marketing/Share Buttons & Pinterest Save Buttons but these are still appearing. Also the pin buttons do not even align over the relevant image. I am not using the 'Blog' or 'About' pages so have hidden these. I'm only using the 'Work' page. I have tried to search for all guides on this. One guide talked about Site Style tweeks but I cant find anything that relates to the pin button in the site style options I can see. I can only see COLORS, TYPOGRAPHY, SIZE VAlUES, INDEX STYLES, OPTIONS........ Please can you tell me what I am missing here???
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