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  1. Does anyone have code to customize the design (colors/fonts) of a lightbox form?
  2. How about a way to customize the design of the actual pop-up form?
  3. Hi @creedon Thank you for your reply. The site is: valleyfoodpartnership.squarespace.com Password is: kim I would like to change sizing ratio of the image cards on the Staff/Board page only. Maybe I got the Collection ID wrong? Thanks.
  4. @creedon - I tried your code but couldn't get it to work... can you help?
  5. Yes, the Gallery under the header... still trying to adjust the font for different screen sizes to my liking
  6. I got this mostly worked out but now I'm struggling to adjust the font size for mobile. Can you help?
  7. To clarify... I would like to match the fonts on the slideshow to the custom H1 and H2 fonts that are overlaying the banner images above.
  8. The gallery is at the bottom of the home page... currently no text overlain because I can't get the right fonts. ridgwaylodgeandsuites.com Thanks!
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