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  1. Still waiting for the Whatsapp Icon... it shouldn't be that difficult to add, and it will provide a lot of benefits! Please, @squarespace support. we are begging for it!
  2. I believe I did just the same. Here are two screen shots of my trigger and my tag... (they're in Spanish, but I think they are understandable
  3. Thanks anyway! Now the big issue... how to measure when a contact form is submitted.... I'm trying a method that I read here, but I'm not seeing any Event recorded in GA... and yes... I clicked Publish in GTM... https://www.simmonssharpe.com/blog/2018/4/5/how-to-use-squarespace-google-tag-manager-to-track-conversions-in-google-analytics
  4. www.caballerophotos.com But ok, now it seems to work. For some reason, I needed to click the "publish" Button in GTM to put it to work...
  5. Hi guys. Let me please step in. I have the same issue with GTM. I've done what I'm suppose to do, injected the code in the Header and the Footer sections, but still, it's not working. And I don't know what I am doing wrong...
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