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  1. Hi There, Thank you very much for taking time to respond 🙂 Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work. Ive changed URL slug and it looks like https://www.marikamala.com/shop-marta when I click on it, but it doesn't take me to my shop catalogue. Im not sure what else I can do 😔
  2. Hello there :) I hope someone can help me with the SHOP NOW button on my site. Ive just started a process of building my shop and Im complete novice. So far was doing ok but got stuck on SHOP NOW button. It doesn't take you anywhere (displays: We couldn't find the page you were looking for). When you click on SHOP on top of the page it works fine and it takes you to my catalogue. Any idea how I can make SHOP NOW button work? I will be grateful for any help. Marika link to my shop: https://www.marikamala.com/shop-marta
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