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  1. Hello, many thanks for the reply. Yes that answers that one, each product page (race track, per year) wouldnt have 200 DVDs so thats fine. Its just in total, I would soon reach 200, especially with a back catalogue, but if thats per page than that will be fine. Just wanted to check really before making a start, but looks like I will be giving it a go. There are bound to me other questions that I'll need answering when I get that far, but thanks for the info on that one.
  2. Hello, Im new here looking for a new website to promote and sell car racing DVDs and BluRays. I currently add all the race events manually with their own PayPal links but looking for a better and easier way of doing it. Because I have a large back collection of race events and special edition DVDs, I need to be able to constantly add to the shop. Nothing becomes out of stock as I can just copy more from my master discs and nothing goes out of date. Im sure Ive read somewhere that there is 200 product limit on the Squarespace commerce platform. Is this correct, even on the 'advanced commerce plan'? It does say on the pricing comparison 'unlimited products' but wanted to make sure that is true before starting. I only need up to 4 variations per product (either dvd version, blu ray version, single disc or double disc) I also need to be able to split them into different categories, like each venue where you can view all the DVDs from a particular race track in a particular year. Then also others like crash compilations and special edition best of's. Is this possible on the advanced commerce plan? Any help would be great. Thanks. Nick
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