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  1. I ended up just leaving SquareSpace to Shopify because of this. I am really bummed because the website builder is so much easier and cleaner looking, but it’s an absolute deal breaker to not have this done automatically. We shouldn’t need a plug-in for taxes. If they want to be an actual e-commerce platform they have to figure this out. I tried working w TaxJar - they’re really nice, but it didn’t work yet and I don’t have time to wait it out.
  2. I had the same question and when I emailed the support team, I go the same response and "we will suggest it to the development team". It's extremely frustrating (as are most of the issues I am discovering with their e-commerce) because it's a common field/option.
  3. After setting up my online store I realize there is not an automated sales tax calculation - Do we really have to input thousands of tax rates and update them all manually? There are over 2,500 zip codes in CA alone. There is no way that is possible for any small online business. And there isn't an extension to do it for you. How is anyone selling anything using this platform? Please tell me I am missing something.
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