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    MainhouseCreative reacted to goodmajick in Help... 7.1 Editor is ridiculously SLOW   
    I've had this issue for a while. Typically during a design session, I'll clear my browser (Firefox) cache and cookies about seven times around the point where it's saved around 70-95. Lately this hasn't helped like it magically used to. Just like you all, the lag is about 15 seconds to 30 seconds for a placed cursor to activate, etc. (any action, really). It's so bad today, I'm finally chiming in.
    I have slow internet, but my computer has a powerful processor. I manage about 7 sites in my account, and most have a good deal of custom CSS that predated the new 'Site Styles' feature. Maybe this is a contributing factor.
    Any insight into how I can fix this? I think that it may be an issue with my internet speed because the other day I had incredibly fast internet and the editing features were working much better, but still not great.
    I'll update this post once I replace my router. My upload speed is 5.8 right now and download speed is 68.5. This has got to be the issue, right?
    I just replaced my router and the issue persists. Squarespace outright will not let me edit any pages now it's so slow. I'll continue to update once I upgrade my modem.
    Switching browsers works in a pinch
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to Esther73 in How to Lower Bounce Rate   
    Thanks a lot I'll check out Google instead. 
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    MainhouseCreative got a reaction from Esther73 in How to Lower Bounce Rate   
    Esther, I don't think that SQSP Analytics is accurate when used in conjunction with Google Analytics. It doesn't correlate with the data I personally see out of Google most of the time. That's my opinion.
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to christyprice in How to Lower Bounce Rate   
    Definitely! People find what they are looking for and often don’t visit anything else on your site. Some steps I take to mitigate that are adding relevant links in the post, adding related posts at the end, and adding a blog sidebar with some context and ways to explore. 
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to paul2009 in Migrating to 7.1 / Squarespace, you can do better than this... really   
    There is now an official Squarespace migration tool that upgrades a version 7.0 site to version 7.1. You'll find it on the Design menu of a compatible site.
    I've provided some details in this guide.
    Did this help? Please give feedback by clicking an icon below  ⬇️
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to sjtryon in Migrating to 7.1 / Squarespace, you can do better than this... really   
    And as the world recently witnessed, they have plenty of money to spend on a Super Bowl commercial to lure in new subscribers, but they clearly can't be bothered to provide sufficient support for their pre-7.1 subscribers. 
    Really lame, Squarespace. Really lame...
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to charliearnold in Migrating to 7.1 / Squarespace, you can do better than this... really   
    This is a rant I hope someone at squarespace will see.
    Folks, please do better. I've used squarespace since the early days and generally enjoyed it. When 7.1 came out, I kept putting off switching over, but finally decided to give it a go. I start prepping and find out the recommended method.
    Start a trial subscription and build a new site? Really? A company with millions and millions of dollars, highest level coders, really can't come up with a better solution for their longtime customers?
    Call me crazy, but not coming up with some sort of transition tool for your current customers is completely insane. You've taught us to rely on you, let us build complex sites with large amounts of data and products, then provided absolutely nothing to help us upgrade beyond "build a new site, do some redirects, good luck..." 
    How does a company of your size not go about this in a more professional way? "Do a trial version"! oh lord. This makes weebly look more professional than squarespace. In some meeting somewhere, no one at all said, "Hey, maybe we should come up with a way to make this switch easy for our current customers"? Oh man. Really feeling rewarded for sticking with squarespace for so long.
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to sjtryon in Migrating to 7.1 / Squarespace, you can do better than this... really   
    We're just going to have to disagree on this. Your reply seems to make clear that you are someone who is deep into building sites. I am not. So while my complaint may seem silly and trivial to you, it is not to me. My Squarespace subscription is no different than anyone else's. My expectation is that I am afforded the same quality product, along with any of its improvements. But that did not happen. Squarespace is moving along and improving their platform and no longer making any of those new functions available within the only product version that was available to me when I became a customer.
    I can't think of a subscription service that doesn't include the platform's ongoing upgrades and improvements. That is largely the advantage of a software subscription rather than a software purchase. And you can certainly argue that all the new features and functions are fully available to me - to which I completely agree. But having to go to ground zero and rebuild my site all over again to obtain those platform improvements is crazy. I didn't just subscribe to Squarespace 7.0; I subscribed to Squarespace.
    When was the last time you had to reformat your hard drive and reinstall all your software and data just so that you could install a new version of Windows (or whatever you are using)?
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to paul2009 in Connecting site to GoDaddy   
    When you use the automatic option to connect a GoDaddy domain to a Squarespace site then Squarespace will use something called "Nameserver Connect". They will "tell" GoDaddy that your domain records will be managed on Squarespace, instead of GoDaddy. From then on, although you'll pay GoDaddy for the use of the domain, all the domain settings will be managed on Squarespace instead.
    It can take up to 72 hours for this process to complete and you should be able to track this progress in the Domains panel (Settings > Domains). It is normal to see errors in the Domains panel during those first 72 hours, but if it is taking longer, or you are concerned about the process, please contact Squarespace Customer Care for assistance. Squarespace doesn’t use this forum to track issues, so won't be aware of your concerns until you contact them. If you experience any difficulties contacting Squarespace, please read how to contact Squarespace.
    Did this help? Please give feedback by clicking an icon below  ⬇️
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to Ziggy in please help me connect my go daddy domain without changing the nameservers   
    When you link the domain there are two methods and both should be automatic with Godaddy.
    Use the DNS CONNECT option.
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to edharris in GOOGLE indexing   
    Hi @Hakora It looks like Google has successfully indexed some pages from your website. When I run a search for your brand name "iyanda el designs" I see your homepage showing as the second result in the SERP. See screenshot attached.
    It's hard to speculate about the other error messages you may be seeing from Google Search Console without looking at the property directly, but it's not uncommon for Google to show error or warning messages like the ones in your screenshots after crawling a website. Not all of these are cause for concern, it just depends which specific URLs they apply to.
    If you're looking to get more URLs from your website indexed and showing up in search results, start by thinking through who the target audience is and what search queries they might be entering into Google. Then take a look at the existing search engine results pages (SERPs) for those queries. That's your competition. From there, you can start building URLs that might compete with the URLs Google has currently selected as the "best" URLs to show for those search queries. The most important thing to focus on is high quality content that Google will not only index but also choose to rank highly compared to the competition.
    Hope that helps. Good luck!
    - Ed
    Blue Hills Digital
    Support with website optimization, SEO and finding a digital marketing strategy that works.
    Resource: Squarespace SEO Checklist: 2023 Update

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    MainhouseCreative reacted to Ziggy in Google is not indexing my website.   
    I'm guessing that you don't actually have 781 pages and most of those are pseudo pages for tags and categories, Google typically won't index these.
    Google will also only index pages that it deems to be useful in search results. It's worth making sure that GSC has your sitemap and then go through your most valuable pages and manually request indexing. This isn't guaranteed to work, but it helps tell Google what pages you think are important.
    It may be worth you using a service like SEO Space to analyze your website and check that everything is set up as well as it can be.
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    MainhouseCreative reacted to BobbyMillette in My blog post are not being indexed by google.   
    Site URL: https://www.bobbymillette.com/
    It seems that most of my blog post are not being indexed by google. I have submitted my sitemap and I have also submitted each page manually. I talked to two squarespace support agents and they basically just pointed me to an article that doesn't help. My pages are all set to public and there is no code injected on the site that would set it to no index. I would contact google but it's almost impossible to reach a real person. Anyone know what could be going on?

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