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  1. I can open map on a button click in Javascript, but I need to be able to open a map with a gps coordinates that change what I would like is to open a map block with these new coordinates. If that is not possible set the button code to open the map also with these new coordinates. <html> <body> <p id="demo"></p> <form> <label><b>message1</b></label> <input type="text" name="message" id="msg1"> <label><b>Number</b></label> <input type="text" name="message" id="msg2"> </form> <input type="submit" onclick="showInput();"><br/> <input type="button" onclick="location.href='http://maps.apple.com/?daddr='+'result[0][2]';" value="Apple Maps" /> // or googlemaps is fine too </body> <script> function showInput() { // Do some stuff that changes the coordinates var lat= 41.4837; var lng = -72.876; // Here i would like to set the lat lng of the maps block and insert it to my webpage or open the map above to these new coordinates so when the user clicks it goes to this address. }
  2. So this is my code if I use the path "/s/cd_catalog.xml" or "cd_catalog.xml" I get a status of 404 If I use "s/cd_catalog.xml" I get a status of 0 which doesn't make sense <button type="button" onclick="loadXMLDoc()">Get my CD collection</button> <br><br> <table id="demo"></table> <script> function loadXMLDoc() { var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { var table=this.status; document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = table; }; xmlhttp.open("GET", "s/cd_catalog.xml", true); xmlhttp.send(); } </script>
  3. So my code is in a embedded code block, and there is no link editor, so how do upload the file?
  4. I have a simple xml file that has 2 tags <Name> and <Comment> I would like to read it in then when the user searches the name it spits out the comment. I am stuck on how to read in the xml file could someone give me an example on how to do this please
  5. I want to setup a javascript page on my website where I have a xml file that has a name comment and gps coordinates. The user types in the name and and it searches the xml file and spits out the comment and coordinates. My main question is where can I upload file for my page to search and how( what path do I use to read it in)
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