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  1. It's centered horizontally but not vertically. I want any amount of text to be centered both ways. The boxes in the middle seem centered just because the amount of text is the perfect amount for the box size. The text in the left box is towards the top of the box.
  2. Site URL: https://www.j3athletics.com/od-trial I have a page with 3 blocks going across. I've designed each one to my liking so far but cannot figure out how to get the text to be centered vertically in each box. Each box is a fixed size. I've tried nearly everything I could find on the web (margins, absolutes, etc) and cannot seem to make it work. Page is j3athletics.com/od-trial Example code in the markdown box (this would be the top left box on the page) <div class="LightBoxBorder"> Time: 15 Minutes<br><br> Equipment: Single Dumbell </div> CSS Code for the formatting (put in the CSS Design code) .LightBoxBorder {border: 2px solid #11294b; background: #00B3FA; color: #11294b; padding: 20px 20px; height: 175px; width: 260px; text-align: center; } Hopefully, I'm missing something very simple here to align the text within the box vertically (as well as horizontally centered which is done). I'd also like to add a thin blue line under each row of boxes to act as a visual separator. I know how to add a line into the page without code, but the padding on that is just way too much. I'm looking to keep the spacing to just larger than it is now between the rows. If it matters, I'm on version 7.0, bedford family template.
  3. I am running my site on the Bedford template. I’m creating a page that has a video for the banner and I want to resize the banner on that page only, to show more of the video. I’ve found various codes on this forum but none seem to be working for me when I put it into the page header code injection of this page. The page is j3athletics.com/landing-page Any help is appreciated.
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