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  1. Site URL: https://dallas.whistlebritcheschicken.com/dallas-whistle-britches-dallas-food-menu New to this and don't know how to even search for this type of thing. Is there a term for filtering text blocks like this link I'm sharing? I can only think of accordion menus or universal filter plugins, but what I'd be using it for is a text-based food menu on a single page. Meaning, it's not a product or blog post with a category I could filter from. Attaching screenshot as well. Thanks!
  2. I found another one of your posts and this did the trick! Thanks!
  3. Instead of the default navigation styling, I want to have the nav on each active page have a style of bolder text, different color, and no underline. (See screenshots for examples) For some reason, I can't find anywhere how to do this in 7.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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