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  1. Please advise on how I may add or rearrange the images used from an "Existing Gallery"? If it is not possible, I will just redo the entire page by uploading the files individually. Sorry, I don't know how to upload my site here.
  2. And could you also give me the process of posting a working link? Thanks JM
  3. Found this searching for my problem and it was the only thread that came up. I've put the Gallery/slideshow in one of my index pages. Had it perfect and how I wanted it. Went on to add additional pages (index) and the original slideshow from the first page showed up there. Clicked on all of my pages and the slideshow was on all of them. When I went to delete them off the page that they were not supposed to be on, it deleted it from the first one that I wanted it on. So confused. Am I getting a major misunderstanding of Index pages. Had Guide Max spend two hours with me and he demonstrated it originally. And I was just wanting to have unique content on each page. Regular Gallery/Grid does NOT duplicate...... ????
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