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  1. I don't have an answer i'm afraid but I have the exact same issue with my blog posts. I thought comment here with what I have discovered rather than starting a new thread. I get around 300% horizontal scroll! I'm using a Brine Template (Polaris) It's only on my google phone using chrome or sometimes in the editor when the mobile option is selected and it only happens while images are loading. This never used to happen so I'm wondering if it's a recent "update". It seems that no matter what size images I upload, the gallery block defaults to loading them at the maximum 2500px and then once they have loaded inserts them at the normal size. Once all images are loaded, the horizontal scroll stops. If you manage to get any solution to this I will be forever grateful. Example page - https://www.martynhand.com/blog/best-yorkshire-wedding-photography-2019
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