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    JonJonJon got a reaction from LJSpace in Force Summary Block to 3 thumbnails per row for mobile   
    Came up with a solution that will keep your website quick, if you haven't gone for the plugin:
    .sqs-gallery-block-grid.sqs-gallery-thumbnails-per-row-5 .sqs-gallery-design-grid-slide:nth-child(n+4):nth-child(-n+5) { display:none; } .sqs-gallery-block-grid.sqs-gallery-thumbnails-per-row-5 .sqs-gallery-design-grid-slide { width: (100%/3) !important; }  
    This will turn a 5 per row gallery into a 3 per row and hid the last two.
    Adjust the values according to your needs.
    The key is to reference the block row type that you've made. in this case a 5 row. If you want to increase it up from 5, you need to make a new one. So it's best to make a block with the maximum you think, as the code can shrink the row value, but not grow
    I had to come up with something different as the previous solutions weren't applicable to "Related Products".
    Hopefully this is a more elegant solution that can be adapted to various rows/summaries/galleries.
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    JonJonJon got a reaction from christyprice in Is there way to disable URLs of banner pages on an Index?   
    thanks @christyprice that's good to know. I'll implement that. But I am also still looking for a way to remove or redirct the url of pages that are only being used for their aesthetic quality on an index page layout. 
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    JonJonJon reacted to zahnpresents in Need to replace a code in html line   
    Currently on line 226 of the HTML, it has: <a href="/advocate/action-items" class="Mobile-overlay-folder-item"> Action Center </a> BUT IT SHOULD BE: <a href="https://www.californiansforthearts.org/advocate/action-items" class="Mobile-overlay-folder-item"> Action Center </a>

    I can't figure out how to change a line and doing code injection is not working.

    Please HELP!!!
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    JonJonJon reacted to christyprice in Changing size of one banner heading for mobile only   
    @JonJonJon that's the extension I use and recommend. 
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    JonJonJon reacted to fantasiummedia in Disable Auto Zoom / Cropping on Individual Product Images   
    Hi All,
    I am selling prints, and would like to disable the auto-zoom on each individual product so the buyer can see a bigger scale rendition of the print they are buying. My template does not have an option to disable autozoom on images. I am using Lange.
    I was able to make this happen on the main products page using the code below:
    .ProductList-outerImageWrapper { position: static; padding-bottom: 0px !important; } .ProductList-innerImageWrapper { position: static; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } .ProductList-image { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; top: 0px !important; position: static !important; Unfortunately I'm not savvy enough to get that to apply to the individual product. 
    Here is a link to a good example of an image that is being cropped: https://www.fantasiummedia.com/prints/stars-over-lake-atitlan
    Offering a print of your choice at cost for anyone that can help!
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    JonJonJon reacted to tuanphan in How to reorder the category list from my shop page   
    Saved your question. Will check tomorrow.
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