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  1. Hey @tuanphan URL is https://violin-circle-xrda.squarespace.com/ I'll send the password to your inbox
  2. Hey everyone, My problem is pretty simple. I have a video on my website that I would like to have auto-playing. My problem is that the video starts auto-playing in the middle of the video, instead of at the very beginning of it. The video makes less sense because of this and isn't as engaging. How do I set it so that: - the video plays from the beginning or - plays from the beginning only once you scroll to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone! So good news. I've figured out how to target both the individual event page AND the individual listing on the main events page to add multiple time zones for 7.1 So, as stated above, adding a single time zone to all events looks like this: .event-time-localized:after { content: "EST"; padding-left: 4px; font-size: 12px; text-transform: uppercase; } and you can add font and color stylings as you see fit. But lets say you need SEVERAL time zones for your events. To target an individual events page and change the time zone from EST to say, CST, you need to target the Item ID. Adding the "Find Squarespace IDs" plugin to your browser makes this easy. The code looks like this: #item-62cede731029326783a956d3 (your ID number will be different) { .event-time-localized:after { content: "CST"; padding-left: 4px; font-size: 12px; text-transform: uppercase; } } However, there is a third step. Even though the individual events page will show CST, it will NOT show as CST on the main events listing page. And targeting that event to make this change is not as intuitive. Go to your main events listing page. Use the ID Finder to find the Section Id for the event listing. you're then going to target the individual event with :nth of type(#). This is based on the order your events are in on the page (so the top event would be 1, the one after 2, etc). The only caveat with using this method is that this nth of type will obviously change every time you make a new event, but its the only workaround i've found so far. Your code will look like this: section[data-section-id="6234a612748f0177abe21b21"] (your section ID will be different) { :nth-of-type(3) (your number will be different depending on where the event is on the page) { .event-time-localized:after { content: "CST" !important; } } } And there you have it. It is not acceptable that Squarespace has not added simple time-zone changes to their events, especially when so many companies have gone completely virtual since the pandemic. Hopefully, this helps everyone here.
  4. it happens if I change the image to a "card" layout as well...
  5. Hey, popping in for 2022, to say we are dealing with this same issue. I genuinely think this is Squarespace bug, and if I'm being frank I'm getting tired of these bugs happening.
  6. Site URL: http://www.womenentrepreneursinc.com This is happening on every single one of my squarespace websites, not just on a specific page. I would make a specific customer service report with this, but I have to be frank, I will not sit there and remove every line of code from all of my websites for Squarespace to try and diagnose the issue. Clearly this is an issue on Squarespace's end, but I want to see if anybody else is experiencing this issue today, and whether they have figured out how to get around the problem.
  7. I need this too for my site Women Entrepreneurs Inc. womenentrepreneursinc.com
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