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  1. @tuanphan, I have not yet resolved. I noticed that on Google Chrome it looks fine, but it is on Safari that this issue occurs. www.isissakomadajohn.com
  2. thank you, @tuanphan. This has helped with decreasing the space between the "+" and the logo, but it is instead now increasing the space between the logo and the page content. How can I decrease the space between the logo and page content now? www.isissakomadajohn.com
  3. I am referring to the grid background color under gallery styles. the grids over the images are not aligned with the images now that there is border box padding all around each image. any ideas how to fix, @tuanphan?
  4. Awesome thanks! @tuanphan, on mobile, when the navigation is closed and you only see the "+", is there a way to have less spacing between the "+" and my logo? I'd like to decrease the vertical space there so the "+" is closer to my logo. Thanks!
  5. @tuanphan thank you! 1. no I did not fix. still not totally centered 2. this code isn't changing anything for me.
  6. I'm still having trouble with the menu not opening. it works fine when it is positioned above my logo, but with the code to have it below by logo it doesn't click. it doesn't work on my actual iPhone.
  7. thank you @tuanphan! is there a way to have the word menu not appear once you click the "+" ?
  8. @tuanphan -- Actually, now the menu doesn't open on mobile. It is in the correct place but is no longer a link -- its just text there.
  9. Awesome that worked @tuanphan - thank you! And I appreciate the advice!
  10. website: www.isissakomadajohn.com I am using the Flatiron template and have two issues with my footer in MOBILE: 1. On MOBILE, when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the index and reach the footer, the social icons are slightly off center. How can I make sure these icons are centered exactly on MOBILE? 2. On MOBILE, when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the index and reach the footer, there is a ton of space between the last image in the index and the social icons. How can I decrease this amount of space? Thanks!
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