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  1. Awful solution on a great platform. "We do not provide bla bla bla"... is not a great UX answer in 2020. Just to recap how bad the selling on Squarespace is: - No video or audio previews, just images - 300 mb limit. Great for images (not even all of them) bad for HD video, long audio books, collections - No different option even for a simple things like images. Info for UX designers in Squarespace - photographer selling prints and digital versions, in a few variations and for a different purposes, such as tiffs for prints, mid jpegs for social media, hi-res jpegs for other purposes. And this is just a tip of the iceberg , but not even this is implemented. - no ability to sell different licences such as personal or commercial. - no search on inventory page option for a larger collections of digital goods, - no filters system for tags (only category) on inventory page - no collection ability And this is just a few things, I could name after 3 minutes spend on inventory page. Yes I know you are not a dedicated "sell" platform, but since you entered that realm, please analyse UX at least for the majority of factors and implement them before proclaiming selling option. Thanks.
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