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  1. @paul2009 I am looking for the gallery on my very first index page (home page) to fill the whole space from left to right leaving no white space on neither of the sides but keeping the padding between the images the same. If that make sense. I have seen this done before, I'm just not too sure how to achieve it. My website is klaudiaco.com , password:KCO123 I used a CSS code to achieve the padding in the carousel gallery on the very first page.
  2. Hi all, I am using the Brine template and am adding a carousel gallery on the first index page. I was able to add padding to my images with a CSC code I found on here but I would also like for my images to fill the space from left to right. So I am wondering if there is a code out there to get my carresoul gallery to fill the space from left to right. Thanks in advance!
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