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  1. Blackstone Website Hoping to get a few reviews and maybe some tips on my website. I'm focused on Business to Business sales and our service is quite technical in nature. I've tried to keep it from being TOO wordy while keeping the important details of what we offer intact. Personally, I'd like a way to frame the 3 summary blocks on the first page so that they stand out and are more easily distinguishable from each other, but I cannot figure out how to accomplish that. I've revised the site numerous times over the last couple of years. If you think a different Template would suit
  2. Looks like you've made some changes since the first set of reviews. The static header image is very nice and the entire site has a nice flow and is easy to navigate. It's functional and provides a great impression. I like it!
  3. I have to echo what others have said. Font is a bit small and doesn't contrast enough to be easily readable. Your photo on the bottom of the main page is stretched and doesn't flatter you as it should. I have to say your work is beautiful and I'm sure you'll build a site with the same beauty and elegance as your event design.
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