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  1. Yes... Although, I understand there is no "hover" on mobile 🙂 But I'm required to double tap all hovers on mobile devices. Looking for the solution
  2. I am using code that is not at all on mobile devices - i understand from reading other posts that ":hover" doesnt function on mobile. Im looking for an alternative for two sets of code that I have applied to the same image - hoping it will work on both mobile and desktop. On mobile, the images are requiering multiple clicks This first one inverts the image (This one is targeted to a specific block🙂 #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1576941445838_49178:hover { filter: invert(100%); } This second one causes the image to increase in size (this one is NOT targeted to a specific block):
  3. I've im using code that is not functioning on mobile. It's ":hover", to cause an image become grey when selected/moused over. #block-267487b5b8d7cb36a00d:hover { filter: grayscale(50%); } It works great on desktop, but I'm wondering how can it be adjusted for mobile?
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