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  1. thanks @derricksrandomviews for the work around, but shame to have either/or. (notice the line here wasn't crazy down below)
  2. This is getting painful. I've redone, saved and redone my footer 5 times now. This is like mickey mouse show. Come ON. We are paying for this, and can't launch with whatever squarespace wants....instead of what I want! I'll post my videos shortly of the screen capture.
  3. Is anyone else having issues with Footer in 7.1? I've changed it twice, and it keeps reverting back (and yes saved). It shows up in a separate browser, then goes back. Very peculiar. Using Google Chrome. Also, what's with the links having this terrible underline. This can't be a mistake on all the templates (footer...and any other...this is directly after inserting the section, and it previews like this in the footer selection window as welll)
  4. @tuanphan that didn't work. But got me close enough to work it out on my own in under 5 hours! 🙂And to be honest, this feels WAY WAY better on my photography site because now it's almost like auto size and when I have medium format images, it shows the 4:3 aspect ratio properly. If a single product image ONLY. So this is what works to take your single product image from whatever it's forced to be, to allow for portrait or vertical images as well. This was put in CSS. It's a bummer because it doesn't stretch the ProductItem-Summary over towards it, so there is a big gap in the
  5. @tuanphan can you use this to target a specific product item page? For instance, mostly my images are landscape, but for the vertical images, well, the product page just makes it 3:2, cropping out the top, killing my image. Can you target a page or image itself when shown using .productItem-gallery? I guess the problem then is that the container is not the right size, so everything on the page must adjust, even if there is plenty of room. @paul2009So what do you do if you have a client who has a combination of vertical and horizontal product images. Say statues in the shape of a lighthou
  6. Umm - what template are you in for 7.1??? I've tried multiple images and get same issue. In the comments on the schwartz page, they also mention same issue...
  7. @theokoustas reload the page in another browser. Does the first image load? Again, for me it just loads after I scroll. I suppose not a big deal if you put parallax in the middle of the page that you're scrolling through, but if you want it on the top section, not sure how to get that first image or section loaded then activate the parallax. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qi3dv05puuotcu8/ss-screenshot-parallax-bug2.mov?dl=0
  8. Well, this code works from Ghost Plugins -- but is for image blocks: https://www.ghostplugins.com/steps/yd93lg7f
  9. the problem with that code @derricksrandomviews is that it creates a quite blurry image underneath -- and I'm not finding a way to resolve it. In fact, I have this same issue. I have this code, which creates a very nice image (even works on mobile), but it doesn't show up the first image until scroll starts. So it looks like blank page. Unbelieveable. <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/scrollax@1.0.0/scrollax.min.js"></script> <script> $('.has-background
  10. Just as an addition to @paul2009's response -- the Item Product page can be expanded using Squarewebsites Admin Ui Tweak. I'm happy he added that because this was a big problem for me. Just click the upper right and expand the popup window (you see it in the screenshot above).
  11. @ThompsonWebDesign I'm looking for navigation folders, and folders within them. (organize art that way, like you would clothing->Mens/Womens->Shirts, etc. Does megamenu do this? or just the blocks?
  12. @tuanphan I'm also interested in MegaMenu, because let's face it -- we should be able to navigate as easy as we want!
  13. Thanks again! @tuanphan! That works! Although search page results in SS should really be stylized and of course the aspect should be a setting of course....maybe someday!
  14. I feel like it's just like everyone's page @tuanphan https://www.jalley.art/search?q=purple
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