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  1. Site URL: http://www.precisionlandscaping.squarespace.com I realize this should be simple as I have looked at and tried several other solutions, but none of them have worked. So, I'm apparently missing something simple, it would seem. As per attached, I have 3 columns. The first column has 2 text blocks, the center is a photo that fills the length of the 2 text blocks. The third is also 2 text blocks like the first column. On mobile, I want to switch the 1st and 2nd columns so that the photo occurs first, followed by the 4 text blocks (order of text blocks not important). I ha
  2. Site URL: https://www.trinitylutheranathens.squarespace.com/menu-calendar I need to build a simple-to-use school lunch menu calendar. The simplest so far seemed to be to add the menu items in the "excerpt" section. However, they only display in the flyout and I need them to display on the calendar without having to hover. Is there a way to show the excerpts directly on the calendar. I don't need the Title or Time information to show either. Here is the site: www.trinitylutheranathens.squarespace.com/menu-calendar Password: joyful1 Thanks.
  3. Site URL: https://www.fourmens.squarespace.com/home-page I'm working on a site for a local hardware store, which is one of 3 stores owned by 3 owners together which all use the same "Fourmens Farm Home" name. Since there are 3 stores, I currently have one main home page & just beneath the background header (which incidentally contains no Sqsp text, only spacers), I give them the button option to choose which store they (the customer) would like to visit. The main home page has the navigation set currently to not display (.Header {display: none !important;} because it interferes wi
  4. Site URL: http://www.trinitylutheranathens.squarespace.com My client would like to add MS 365 to the Calendar options on the Events page where it currently has google, and ical. Is there a simple or even a bit more complicated way to add another calendar option? Is there a 7.0 option and also a 7.1 option while I'm asking? I have had other requests to add calendar options. site password: joyful1 Thanks.
  5. I have a similar issue... A church I'm intending to build a site for has 3 entities - church, school, childcare. They want all 3 to remain within the same site for their specific reasons. Need to be able to have a separate navbar when someone goes to the school portion or the childcare portion to avoid buttons everywhere. Squarespace options or CSS options?
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