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  1. That's really helpful thanks Paul. I may at some point look at some code for these banners but for now we are live www. bravocoaching.co.uk I appreciate your help. Mark
  2. Hi Paul No I haven't managed a fix yet. I have tried other solutions suggested, as above, but nothing has worked yet. Do I need a line break? Is there a code that would work here? Thanks Mark
  3. I found this response but having tried the code this didn't help ....?
  4. Thanks McATX, I also found this video 😀 but alas couldn't work out the code to place the text lower. I did try to use the code suggested in this video but changing the wording 'left' for 'lower' but that didn't work. Hopefully somebody will be able to point us in the right direction. Mark
  5. Oh I see, apologies. The link is here: https://cranberry-butterfly-lzxb.squarespace.com The password is squarespacebravo
  6. Hi there I am looking for some code to lower the position of the text in my Bedford Banner. I have seen this done for the text to be aligned left or right but not for lowering the position. Currently the text blocks the face in the photo. Many thanks for your help. Mark
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