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  1. here is a set another set thank you -would it be easier if i share you the account? I can add you as collaborator to inspect it better since I feel like I messed up the links
  2. hi, I think i have asked a wrong question in what i really want for my website before. I have a site in two languages, in English and Chinese. Has anyone figured how to hide one language's links from the other using only CSS(on 7.1)? I have looked at this here but it does not work for 7.1 at all. I tried this but it does not work at all, what do i have to replace to make them work with 7.1? Thank you so much
  3. I just tried implemented everything from the website you shared but seems like it doesn't work for 7.1 yet. he new 7.1 header hides the language switcher shown in the picture i attached. I have to scroll up really slowly to catch a glimpse of the language bar before the header slides back down and hides it. is there any solutions to this? and also, it has no affect on the header bar, it shows both language's main nav links. please help. thank you
  4. here a set, the first in english and the second in chinese https://oootopia-testing.squarespace.com/kai-tak https://oootopia-testing.squarespace.com/kai-tak-ch here's another set https://oootopia-testing.squarespace.com/news https://oootopia-testing.squarespace.com/news-ch basically all the pages adding "-ch" at the end becomes chinese right now, i have all the Chinese pages under not linked so they don't appear in the header.
  5. hi, I want to create a bilingual website and have different language headers for the two sets of websites. The english pages only showing english header links chinese pages showing chinese headers links oootopia-testing.squarespace.com I just cant seem to find the right code for 7.1, could anybody help? and footer as well, thank you
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