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  1. Correct the title is not a link- I am trying to make it a link, which is why I am on this forum. Ignore the font and layout of the title for now ,as its not completed yet. I am simply try to link my cover page with my portfolio page. However I don't want a rectangular outline like some of the cover page templates offer on square space . So I have been told that I may need to use custom code to link these pages .
  2. sorry I don't understand what you mean? as in the title is hard to see or that link isn't working??
  3. So sorry I have listed it below https://www.diaryoftooky.com/
  4. Hey guys, I am building my site at the moment and I currently have a full photo cover page with just my photography name in the top left corner. I would like my viewers to be able to click on this title which will take them into my portfolio page. I am no computer savvy and I'm told I need to enter some sort of custom code to archive this result. Can any provide some assistance in how I would do this. I have attached a screen shot of my cover page to better explain this. https://www.diaryoftooky.com/ Appreciate any advice you can offer.
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