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  1. Ideally yes, but not a priority. I guess this can only done with a code
  2. Thank you, did this for all the products. Just thought there might be a code to change this overall. But the settigns work fine as well.
  3. Ok, thank you anyway. Will find another solution for that.
  4. Thank you Paul, but could i also create one product that contains 5 single products, so that this also affects the inventory? Sorry, still learning
  5. Site URL: https://www.delicario.com/home Hi there, does anybody know if there is a way to group products. For example, we sell delicatessen and also want to sell gift boxes with a combination of many products. Unfortunately, i couldn't find anything. The website is https://www.delicario.com/home Many thanks
  6. https://www.delicario.com/home Removed the code already but would be helpful anyway
  7. Sorry just saw now. Thans for coming back. Please find below the example url for a product page: https://www.delicario.com/oil-vinegar/p/olive-gregori-extra-virgin-olive-oil-single-variety-of-ascolana-tenera
  8. Hi there, thanks for the code. That's great. Is there a way to force the burger menu to be right aligned? It somehow appears on the left. Many thanks
  9. Hi there, i used this code as well to change "Add to cart" to a different text, but now the button style disappears and the button is only regular text. Is there a reason why there is no button anymore? Many thanks
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