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  1. My site isn't live yet. I want to have all my links in place before I make it live. Right now I can't share the URL in my browser for any of my pages, because it shows the squarespace "Built in domain" instead of my custom domain. I've read the info in squarespace about signing out of my account, then grabbing the link while acting as a visitor to my site...but visitors to my site can't view anything yet because my site isn't live yet. I don't want to have it go live without links working. How do I link to certain pages on my site when I'm not live yet?
  2. @Alan-Squareflair When I insert that code, it shows up on the list view, but I would also like it to show up on the Calendar view. Currently, if I hover over the date of the event on my calendar, it shows the title of the event and the time, but without the timezone after. If I open the event, then I get the "Timezone: EST" after the time. Is there a way you know of to fix that? I'm using Brine 7.0.
  3. I've read multiple how-tos for creating a dropdown FAQ section on my page, but all of them require use of Javascript or access to Code Injection in the header or footer. Those options are only available to people with a Business or Commerce Squarespace Plan. I have a Personal Plan. Is there any way for me to accomplish a dropdown FAQ on a page?
  4. I have a banner image of my family at the top of my home page. The problem is that my Navigation Bar goes over the top of it. I'd like to keep my Navigation Bar separate at the top of my page. How do I do that? I've included a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. It's too distracting to have something under the Navigation Bar. I want the clean look of keeping my family separate from the Navigation Bar. I'm using Brine in 7.0.
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