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  1. So I have some clickable links on my images and I added a hover css so that it changes the brightness of the image to 50% when hovered. But in turn it is also dimming the text that is laid over it. I have these images in a poster style. What code and I input to keep my brightness dimming on the image but exclude the text and keep that a full brightness. Here is my code for that. .image-block .image-linked:hover { filter: brightness(67%);}
  2. @paul2009 This looks like exactly what I'm looking for. But unfortunately it looks like its only for 7.0 sites currently and mine is a 7.1 site.
  3. I'm looking for some way to have a list of products from my store that someone puts in their cart to be send into an email. So instead of checking out and paying, I want to have the 'cart' of items picked to become a list of items they are looking to be quoted on. This is for rentals from my company and I don't want to advertise how much each rental is directly from my website so because of this I can't have a direct checkout area. Thinking that if I could redirect the add to cart button on each product page so that it goes into some type of list in a contact form or something so that then
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