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  1. Site URL: https://www.owltearooms.co.uk/online-shop Hello, I'd like to justify and align the 'Add to Cart' buttons so they are the same horizontal rule, this is because some of the titles of the products are longer which pushes the button down, please see the attached image. I'd like to know if there's some code which I can use to align the add to cart buttons? Thanks.
  2. That's it! It's working great now, thank you so much for your time.
  3. I have added this link but it's still doing the same thing. Every image title link goes to the last one in the list.
  4. Site URL: http://daechecreative.com Hello, I have a client who is asking if it is possible to set up a store to sell their own products. This can obviously done with Squarespace. They also are asking if there’s a way to have their website as a catalogue to refer customers to other websites to then purchase the product. They are asking if they can monetise this and if so, how is it possible. So a customer would go onto their website, click on a product that would then take them to another website where they can purchase the item. Is there a way where my client can automatically earn a % off of that sale if they arrive via their website? Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the code, I have entered this and added the other links but now every title goes to the last link I entered and not for each separate page. So for example if I have this code: <script> var c=document.querySelector(".sqs-gallery>.slide:nth-child(1) .image-slide-title");c.addEventListener("click",n);function n(){window.location="/photography/baptisms"}; var c=document.querySelector(".sqs-gallery>.slide:nth-child(2) .image-slide-title");c.addEventListener("click",n);function n(){window.location="/photography/weddings"}; </script> The baptisms title goes to weddings.
  6. Hello @tuanphan, I was unable to resolve this. Here is my site - https://daechecreative.com/photography @Integrated No I was unable to resolve this, hopefully @tuanphan can work his magic.
  7. Thank you so much @tuanphan, what about the subtitle, the text under the main title text?
  8. Sure, here's the link - https://lawyerscorfugreece.squarespace.com/ - password is 'katomeri'. Thanks @tuanphan
  9. I am trying to add some Custom CSS for the Titles on a gallery page in an index on the Blend template just so the text can stand out a bit more, does anyone have some Custom CSS I can use to add a drop shadow? Thanks
  10. I have tried to use the following code: body p, .sqs-layout .sqs-block.html-block p, .sqs-layout .sqs-block.quote-block blockquote { text-align: justify !important; } This text seems to work on Google Chrome for me, but on Safari and mobile devices and more importantly for my client it does not justify the text. Can anyone help?
  11. Hello, I am trying to make the title or caption on the gallery grid images to also be a clickthrough link. The text appears underneath the image but it is just the image that acts as the link, not the text. Thanks.
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