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  1. Hi! I'm using CSS to adjust my button text. I'd like there to be no padding (or space) on the left of my button text so that everything lines up. I tried adjusting the padding to 0vw and the text alignment and it moved but it's still not fully aligned left. See attached screenshot. send-again.squarespace.com PW: sendagain Would love to know what I'm missing. Thank you!
  2. My understanding is you can do this through your Terms and Conditions and then customers will be prompted to agree to T&Cs at purchase. However, you'd need to consult a lawyer to confirm this is legally binding and an e-signature is not needed. I have been trying to help a client with this as her lawyer advised forms with a signature and we're using a third party service and including the forms to sign in the receipt as links. I also tried setting up a Zap between acuity and the e-signature platform however this is something that can be booked multiple times but only needs a signature once so that wasn't a good solution. I am still looking for the best solution to this.
  3. @LoriWI was going to suggest the same as @BellamyTreeas the first thing to test. Sometimes it's easy to miss that the mobile settings are different than the Desktop style settings.
  4. @lucyclayHow long have you been working on your SEO? Is this a new site or a revamp of a past site?
  5. @paul2009 thank you! It was my original design and build but I've now taken over but I didn't quite understand the intent behind how it was coded. Given Squarespace's new design features they just rolled out for video with auto-play, limited control etc. I did think of doing that. However, I think this might have been set up to work my like a Gif to completely eliminate the option for users to pause it. I saw in the main thread about video updates the discussion about accessibility and how removing any controls can affect that, which I found interesting. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I spoke to the original designer and they're looking at it or I might just replace them with the Video blocks instead given the new features and the insight into accessibility.
  6. Hi! I'm having an issue where two video are no longer showing up on a site for a client. I wasn't the original designer, I just help with small changes and marketing now so this way of using videos to autoplay with a code block is not something I am familiar with. Before I reached out to the designer I wondered if anyone here knew what was happening or I was just missing something obvious. This page has a video in the header on the right hand side that is now not visible or playing. https://www.dh-designhouse.com/services Thank you!
  7. Agree with @DV2 that these are features I'd love to see added. They'd make a huge difference for Members Areas! Let's go Squarespace!!!!
  8. Site URL: https://www.mountainprojectmt.com/train-anywhere-sign-up I've been trying to figure out a way to make this page have a hamburger menu at all screen sizes but leave the rest of the pages alone. I can't quite figure it out. Anyone done this before?
  9. Site URL: https://mountainprojectmt.com Am I missing something, or is it not currently possible to use the automation feature upon someone joining a member area? Is there a work around for this my too tired brain can't quite think of.
  10. Thank so much for all the help everyone. In case anyone else is in this situation, here is the code that allowed me to make my header bar not transparent and choose the color on a single page. Add to page header <style> .header-announcement-bar-wrapper { background-color: #282D30; }
  11. Hi @tuanphan, I am similarly trying to turn off the transparency on a single page, my new Member Area sales page. This is the url: goldfish-grape-wehm.squarespace.com. The page is https://www.mountainprojectmt.com/member-areas-1 Thank you so much! Tori
  12. Thank you so much for this @tuanphan. Is there a code to apply this to just a single blog post?
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