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  1. Thanks Paul, I missed that first time round. I also read somewhere that expired test sites are removed about 30 days after they have expired.
  2. I am in the process of testing various possible templates as updates for an obsolete Marquee family one. Consequently our account page is filling up with unwanted and expired test sites. Is there any way to delete some of this clutter? I would apply a new test template to an existing test site, but not all current V7.0 templates are offered on the "select a template" page. I'm having to do a google search for the template, then use the "start from here" link. Hence the multiple test sites for templates that do not meet our needs.
  3. Thanks tuanpnan, Good to know, but I think we have taken this current exercise as far as we can. I've read more about available 7.0 templates and since Brine, and therefore Wav does not support displaying Page Title and Page Description from Page Settings, it is not backwards compatible with our 800+ existing pages. It's been a useful exercise in showing our designers what's possible, but I think we must start again, either with another SquareSpace 7.0 template (Momentum seems worth investigating along with a few others) or look to a custom template from a 3rd party. Even with Shift we have several hundred lines of custom CSS and every page has at least 2 code blocks, often more, so a bespoke template may be the way to go.
  4. Site URL: https://nataal.com/ Our site is running on the Shift template, which is part of the obsolescent Marquee family. We have decided it needs a refresh and a currently supported template. Our designers like Wav from the Brine family, and I have been investigating it for the past week or so. I think, with a lot of code blocks and custom CSS, I can make it look like what they want, but I don't think Wav sits too well with their suggested revised design. However, the BIG problem, as I see it is what happens to our 800+ existing pages. Each one has a header in very large type and a sub-header which are taken automatically from the "page title" & "page description" respectively in the Page Settings > General for that page. This does not seem to happen with Wav, and would be a show stopper as no way are we going to be able to retrofit 800 pages with a header code block. Have I missed a switch somewhere which turns this feature on? Under Wav, only a 100 px high strip of the header image for each page is displayed, I imagine that I will be able to fix this with some CSS, but I dare not try this when looking at Wav in Preview mode as any changes will reflect through into the live site. Hence I've had to use a temporary test site which is about to expire after 14 days for the majority of my development. Can anybody suggest a supported template that does take it's header and sub-header text from the Page Settings? Thanks.
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