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  1. @hwitherspoon Did you figure it out? @paul2009 Do you know more about this issue? I am having the same issue on www.sunfolding.com. My video banner (link from Vimeo) has only loaded on 1 mobile device out of the 6 I have tried (both various Samsung and iPhone models and different browsers). My fall back image does not work either (I also tried a GIF as fall back, but that did not work). It just displays the background color, no matter what I do. Talked to SS support and they said that because I have custom code on my site, that it might be causing the problem. I have an interactive image embedded in a code block + most header text is code blocks, and I am not looking to remove all that. Is there no way around this or a way to troubleshoot? Any help appreciated.
  2. I added the code in the Design > Custom CSS, but it is not working? I do not know much about coding, so I might be doing some basically wrong, but I wouldn't know.
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