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  1. is used: .header-menu-bg { background-color: #01013a; background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #01013a, #01013a); }
  2. Actually - if i make the header solid as default - then perhaps i man then make transparent on certain pages? Is there a way of targeting nav on home page and making it transparent?
  3. Thanks @tuanphan but Its not working for me. Is there any settings i need to adjust perhaps?
  4. Im using a logo with white text on my site and on all the pages except a blog post page i can see it as i have an image behind it. https://trovy.io On blog posts the colour theme is white so its not visible. https://trovy.io/lists/top-10-binge-worthy-boxsets Is there any way to add some custom css to just change the colour of the nav to dark navy on the blog posts page? Thanks
  5. Im having difficulty changing the colour theme of my mobile menu. (https://trovy.io/) Its currently set to have a white background - but i'd prefer it to have a dark theme so my logo shows up. I cant find it anywhere in style settings. If someone could help that would be great. Thanks
  6. .collection-type-blog-basic.view-item header.Header.Header--bottom { background: blue; } Is that correct? it doesn't seem to work for me. Sorry to bother you with this and thank you for your help
  7. Im having the exact same issue - and and the above solution from @tuanphan didn't work for me. Im also using version 7.1 if that helps.
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