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  1. The problem with 7.1 Squarespace slideshow is that I cannot add spacing block to resize the slides anymore. If I resize the slideshow width in the setting, the height of the slideshow will be cut off.
  2. Here’re some solutions I found and tried but didn’t work out: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43299759/how-do-i-make-multiple-slideshows-in-the-same-html-document/43300869 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55558405/multiple-slideshows-not-working-html-css-js/55559095 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41541559/multiple-slideshows-on-one-page-makes-the-first-one-not-work-anymore
  3. First of all I know this question's been asked before, the answer wasn't solving my problem so I'd like to ask it again here: I'm using the code blocks to create more customized slideshows. I need more than one slideshow on my page and the second one stops the first one from working. The slideshow is here but clicking the arrows won't do anything. I slightly understand what the problem is but can't fix it. Here is the link to the page which contains 2 slideshows (the code of each slideshow is working as expected when there's only one slideshow).
  4. One more thing to add to - Just realized basically blocks, including code blocks, are available in all the sections. And for now I prefer to add code blocks in text sections in order to make the spacing of the code block align with other text sections.
  5. Here's a video I got from the support team Andrew, demonstrating the steps to find the code block in 7.1 templates. share.squarespace.com/ApuOGE5o It should be part of the 7.1 guide! I thought in 7.1 sections replace blocks completely. This is not easy for users to figure it out by themselves that blocks are hidden inside the blank section without any notes on the section list.
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