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  1. Hi, I am having trouble connecting to dev server. I keep getting authentication failed so I am just not sure what password it is they are looking for? My page itself shows me user name and password but the password is covered. Those seem to be the credentials I have to enter in the terminal but I am not sure if I am messing up the password or not because I forgot what it was. Is there a way to change that password or is it the same as my log in password? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have used developer mode and accessed it before. Now I can't seem to. I am trying to go back into it using the steps given by squarspace but after I put git clone url I just get an authentication failed even though it did not give me a chance to authenticate myself (The first time i did it it let me put my email and password to authenticate). This is a weird issue I can't seem to find anyone out there with a similar problem. Is there any potential possibility as to why this is happening? Any leads or ideas would be helpful thank you!
  3. Yeah I understand how to trigger the visibility i think my main issue is solely getting the button above the nav bar. When I put code blocks it only effects the body but how exactly can i add code to the very top of the page? I just want to simply add a button and place it at the very top of the page and I can make the functionality myslef
  4. Hi, So I have my nav bar centered, but I want a button on top of my nav bar that says contents and when clicked the nav bar becomes visible right below it. Code wise I was thinking the functionality be someone like this demo except it will display horizontal not vertical. I understand the code and everything I am little confused on how to exactly make it work with squarespace's built in nav bar already. Anyone have any idea how to maybe go about this? I included an image to help show how I kind of want it to look after one clicks conte button.Thank you!
  5. Hello, I am creating a single page on my website and it is very long scrolling site with only photos and i'm placing all the photos with square drag and drops and recently I have noticed my content doesn't show anymore now that I have a lot of images (the page is really long right now) but when i click on edit everything shows up. Here is the site pass is david. Could it be that the page content has gotten too long that it doesn't show anymore? Please let me know, Thank you!
  6. Hi, I am currently incorporating a background video through iframe by pulling the video through URL. I want to just display background video with an mp4 fie that is on the site already rather than grab it as a url. I am not sure how to add this mp4 file on squarespace and call it through. I want to try to just use the mp4 through video tag.
  7. https://walrus-shark-jcea.squarespace.com/config pass is david. In the footer I want to access the css through something like document.queryselector('.class').style.font. So my main question is do I call it as custom-css.font instead of style.font?
  8. Hi, I am writing JavaScript code in the footer and was trying to change css opacity as you scroll down with the onscroll function. I wanted to know how I could access the CSS from there.
  9. Never mind I figured it out. I was adjusting the wrong class and I found the class for the base template which was .site-container.
  10. Hello, I am trying to work with the base template and the page content covers only about 70% of the actual page making it seem like it has a huge padding on the right for now reason. I inspected the element and I tried changing the page content to full width in different ways with CSS to no avail. How can I adjust my page content width without getting a headache over it?
  11. Hello, I am in developer mode and made a very simple change to test, I properly pushed and after everything loads I get "fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly" then after it says everything is up to date. I see no changes made in my original site. What does this mean and why can't I see my changes? Thanks!
  12. Hello, I am in developer mode and I am trying to add a background video. I am trying to grab the source that located in the current folder by src="video.mp4" but it is not working. I have included the video in the template folder then when I run the local server I don't see the video. Any ideas or clue as to how to get this to work or if it even works in this way? Thanks!
  13. Hello, I am trying to create a single page website that showcases photos as you scroll down. The entire background would be a video and as you scroll down the video changes to a different one. I wrote custom java script code to achieve this as shown below. What is the best way to integrate this into squarespace? I am new and I have been messing around the site but I am not sure whether to go through developer mode and try to modify or if I can achieve this easier through the standard UI or other methods. Any suggestions would be appreciated! var video = document.getElementById(
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