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  1. Hey! Thanks for your response. I have noticed one more issue which is really annoying! For some reason on my android phone in chrome browser, the header is still overlapping, most other browsers seems to work fine, and tested it elsewhere it looks correct. Is there a reason why this might be & a way to fix it? This is most noticable on the downloads sections www.stevenmcfarlane.design/downloads A way to recreate the problem is with firefox inspect content and make it the iphone X version. (some of the other do) edit: I have a temporary fix in place by using the below, but im sure there must be a better way to do this and make the padding at the top similar for all mobile sizes? Im not even sure max-width 500px is a good choice as I am a extreme begginner in css.
  2. Hey mate! I think i solved it, can you see my post above and see the site now? Does this make sense? I pushed the page up by 95px as this was the original size of the header and when I changed it to static it moved everything down by 95px.
  3. Possible workaround? Anyone with code knowledge let me know if this looks correct?
  4. I tried padding top & bottom but again its just pushing the header of my site over the content below? I assume its to do with the display settings or positions settings of the header but I am not knowledgeable enough to work out what to change.
  5. Hey! I will turn the announcement bar on to show you what's happening. I will try adding a padding top to the announcement bar with css. Any help with the code would be great?
  6. Site URL: https://www.stevenmcfarlane.design Hey all! I seem to be having trouble with my announcement bar. It seems to be pushing my header down over my content below, is there anyway to have the announcement bar push the whole site down instead instead of just pushing down the heading? Attached some examples showing the issue with and without announcement bar.
  7. Thank you appreciate that! I had some code in there but I didnt think it worked? Ill double check on my phone again. And thank you!
  8. Hey all! I have a question. I would like to change the heading size for this section only as its too big on mobile and looks untidy, smaller text would get rit of single words on line. I was thinking something along the likes of: @media screen and (max-width: 640px) { h1 { font-size: 23px; } } But i want to target the block id="block-1997078c254bebcf86c4" only. Anyone able to help?
  9. Hi there! I have by mistake added pictures that are far too big for my product thumbnails, when I go to change them they are not changing on my homepage where I feature 3 of my main products. This is servely slowing down my website and have no idea how to fix! www.stevenmcfarlane.design If you go to the above link, the product gifs are nearly around 20mb but when you click on them you see what the actual thumbnail should be (all around 1mb). Why arent they updating?
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