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  1. Site URL: https://www.antiochphx.com My header styles have stopped working. When I try to edit them in the Design panel, nothing changes. All my Header styles now look the same, even though all of the settings are different. Please help! Link to site ---> www.antiochphx.com
  2. @tuanphan thank you! The code seems to only partially work. After putting it into the Custom CSS, the left margin is gone, but my page now shows a white margin when I scroll to the right. Before, it was full width without any ability to scroll right or left. Also, it is still not removing the padding below. Thank you so much for your help! I've been trying everything to figure this out.
  3. So sorry, I forgot the link to the site: http://antiochphxnew.squarespace.com
  4. Using a custom code for an Instagram feed on my site, however, the code block is not allowing me to make it full width. I would like the block to have no margins all around similar to the Instagram feed at https://antiochatx.com. I've tried almost everything, but no luck. Please help! Using Squarespace 7.1
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