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  1. I 100% agree that we as developers/builders NEED to have the ability to purge old, redundant images from the file library before handing off the site to clients or just to simplify our own editing processes. The fact that we can't do this now, when we have been asking for the for literally YEARS is mind boggling. Please get on this SS...
  2. Site URL: https://www.christinalazarschuler.com/_corb2nnercontest I'm trying to figure out how to add some coding to a specific page with a voting / poll form that limits respondents to completing a form only once. The attached image is the solution provided by Typeform for the poll/voting platform. They indicate to use COOKIES to prevent duplicate responses from the same respondent. Anyone have any advice?? It is much appreciated... I posted a link to the dummy page for reference.
  3. My client is looking at hosting support documents on his site and needs to be able to control which clients (US and CANADA members) see what support content documents such as wholesale pricing, logos, high res product photos, etc. Ideally this would be tied back and profiled to customer/client logins. Looking for suggestions on what to use to achieve this and if there is a way i can implement directly in Squarespace vs. using a plugin or 3rd party service.
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