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  1. Hi We are working on a new online shop but on mobile the menu isn't shown completely, see screenshot. We are working in the new Squarespace version. I can't share a url, as the website isn't live yet.
  2. Hi Thank you. I have tried option 1 but nothing changes. So I must be doing something wrong. Where do I place the first part of te code? I have changed the website url and have found the url of the image. <div class="banner"> <a href="https://yourwebsite.com" target="_self"> <img src="logo url" alt="logo" width="200" height="200"/> </a> </div> ---- If I follow option 2 and only paste this in CSS and the correct link to the image it also doesn't change the layout of the website. .enter-menu-class-name:before { background-image: url("enter banner image url here"); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center center; } I have removed the dots in front of the first line, but that also doesn't help. Thank you in advance for your answer and help.
  3. @tuanphanyes, I already thought HTML code in the Code Injection would be necessary. But how does that code look like? I am not a developer.
  4. @tuanphan the red menu shouldn't be a problem but they want above the menu a white 'banner' with the logo of the city. Thank you!
  5. Hi We are asked to create a Squarespace website and the client wants a banner ABOVE the menu, like here: https://www.brugge.be So they want to add a white banner with their logo above the menu. We cannot find a template that offers this so I guess we need to add this with custom code. Any suggestions for the best solution?
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