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  1. I am trying to create a css code that will allow the image gallery on each individual product page to be displayed as a carousel. The first image should be loaded with previous and next arrow controls on the photo. When the customer clicks the previous or next arrow, the loaded image should slide to the left or right and the next or previous image should be revealed. I've attached a video of what I am trying to achieve for my product gallery. Thank you btw for helping me. Screen Recording 2019-12-17 at 12.45.41 AM.mov
  2. I am using the foster template to display my eccomerce website. This template only gives the options to display product images as a slideshow or as thumbnails. I like to display the product images as a carousel with them displaying on the left side of the screen and the product details on the right at 641 px or more and at 640px or less for the carousel to display first and the product details to display after. (ive made it so that the mobile breakpoint is 640 px). Is there any code to create this effect ? i have tried numerous codes and was unsuccessful.
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